Truck Engineering Australia offers a comprehensive selection of testing capabilities.

Vehicle Testing | Component Testing | Sub-assembly Testing

As a licensed testing facility under the Road Vehicle Certification System, TEA has the capabilities to test for the following ADR approvals:

ADR 03 — Seats & Seat Anchorages
ADR 05 — Anchorages for Seatbelts
ADR 18 — Instrumentation
ADR 28 — External Noise of Motor Vehicles
ADR 31 — Brake Systems for Passenger Cars
ADR 35 — Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems
ADR 38 — Trailer Brake Systems
ADR 59 — Standards for Omnibus Rollover Strength
ADR 62 — Mechanical Connections between Vehicles
ADR 65 — Maximum Road Speed Limiting for Heavy Goods Vehicles and Heavy Omnibuses
ADR 83 — External Noise

TEA can assist with CRN and SARN approvals on behalf of OEMs, truck, trailer and component manufacturers as well as ADR testing on complete vehicle IPA’s.

With state of the art testing and data acquisition equipment, TEA has the capability to measure and analyse both static and dynamic performances over analogue, digital or CAN signals.

Some examples include:

  • Vehicle dynamics performance
  • Noise recording and compliance
  • Thermal and pressure analysis and assessment
  • Linear displacement
  • Load assessment (Up to 10 tonne Static loads)

TEA also offers a high speed photography service which may be extremely useful during the testing process to capture movement in slow motion. This can be correlated with data to give even more insight into the performance of your product.