Access, Regulations & Policy

With the increased use of Special Purpose and High Productivity Vehicles (HPV) on the Australian road networks, transport operators are required to meet increasingly higher regulatory demands.

TEA can assist by providing advice, consultation with road authorities and submitting applications towards gaining approved operation on your desired route.

  • Conduct Swept Path Analysis (and certify as PBS Assessor)
  • Vehicle In-Principle Support (IPS) Applications
  • NHVR Access Applications and Exemption Permit Applications
  • Journey Planner Access Investigations
  • Inspect & Supply TMR HVRAS Measurement Documents for Registration
  • Assessment of vehicles / combinations against National and State Notices
  • Oversize / Overmass (OSOM) and Special Purpose Vehicles operating under Form 4 and Form 11 (QLD TMR)
  • Conduct Weight Assessments and Provide Reports