Truck Engineering Australia has a core team of Professional Engineers who can draw from extensive experience in the design, development of commercial vehicles and associated components.

From the conceptual stage, through to production drawings, overseeing fabrication and assembly, Truck Engineering Australia (TEA) is able to assist with all aspects of your projects. We can ensure your designs are in accordance with the requirements of the latest ADR’s or relevant standards.

Truck Engineering Australia are an approved Design Facility and Test Facility with the RVCS, as well as being an authorised Agent for RVCS, hence TEA are also able to complete product certification submissions on your behalf.

Product Concept

A mutual understanding of an overall project concept between the client and the engineers is crucial to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. When developing a product concept, TEA works closely with our clients to determine the critical aspects of the project and define the scope so that there is a clear understanding of the project at hand.

Load Application Assessment

A complete understanding of both the application and the loading scenarios which will apply to your vehicle / component is crucial to assessing its suitability. Conducting a loading assessment can involve not only the static, but also the dynamic loading conditions to which a vehicle or component is exposed to in-service. TEA can assist to properly identify these loads by evaluation and even physical testing if required.

Additionally, ensuring a design is evaluated with the necessary factors of safety is imperative to ensure that the product is fit for purpose. Applications such as:

  • Axle Loading Assessment
  • External Loads on Chassis
  • Chassis Modification Outside OEM Options
  • ROPS, FOPS, Crane Fitment

Australian Design Rules (ADR’s)  |  Australian Standards  |  VSB 6  |  Specified Standards

If you are required design in accordance with an Australian Design Rule, Australian Standard, Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 or alternate standard; TEA are able to assist in understanding and designing in accordance with these specified standards or rules.

  • Drawbars, Towbar, Coupling (ADR 62/04 – Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles)

Drafting  |  CAD Modelling

Truck Engineering can assist with the generation of 2D drawings and 3D models of your component or product. TEA is equipped with the latest 3D modelling software which assists both the design and analysis of the product prior to manufacturing. 3D models of a product are a fantastic presentation tool allowing others to visualise and better understand the product and overall concept.  From 3D models, TEA can provide 2D assembly and manufacturing drawings to complete the project.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA Stress Analysis)

Finite Element Analysis is an accurate method of determining the stresses that are produced in a body subject to loading and various other constraints. These studies are performed using the 3D model of the product, and can also predict the displacements due to loading.

Manufacturing process

TEA are able to assist with ensuring that the product can be effectively and efficiently manufactured, also taking into account the ease of assembly or fabrication.