Caravans & Light Trailers

TEA also offer services to the light trailer and caravan market by means of Re-rates and VIN Allocations.

Trailer / Caravan Re-rate

It is increasingly common for Camper Trailers & Caravan’s to require higher ratings to achieve legal and safe loading during transport.

TEA can assist in optimising an existing trailer and its components and advise of component upgrades to achieve higher ratings by re-rating your trailer/caravan. In QLD this is covered under the Approved Persons Scheme, and involves a blue modification plate being approved and installed on your trailer.

TEA can complete a full inspection and assessment of your trailer to ascertain the maximum ratings.

Alternatively, to assist with keeping the overall cost of the service to a minimum, TEA provides our customers the opportunity to supply the information we require directly by completing our “trailer information sheet” below.

Useful terminology to be familiar with:

Tare Mass:

This is how much the caravan weighs when empty from the factory without any aftermarket accessories. It is generally measured with water tanks and gas bottles empty and possibly without spare tyres.

Gross Trailer Mass (GTM):

This is maximum weight that can legally be imposed on the caravan’s wheels and tyres when coupled to the towing vehicle.

Towball Mass:

This is the actual load or mass exerted onto the tow ball of the towing vehicle when coupled. This is generally limited to 350kg for a 50mm towball.

Aggregate Trailer Mass:

This is the caravan’s maximum legal mass when fully loaded. It equals the sum of the GTM and the Towball Mass.


This is the allowable weight that can be added to your caravan during transport in the form of cargo, equipment, water, gas, food etc. This is calculated as the ATM minus the Tare Mass.

Download Light Trailer Information Sheet

Please download, complete and return this form to or call us on 07 3390 3588 and we can discuss your trailer with you.

VIN Allocations for Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of Trailers or Caravans and you need to access VIN’s for your new builds, TEA is able to assist.

We can setup your business with a World Manufacturers Identifier (WMI) and also determine the specific configuration of your VINs. Once this is complete the VINs are applied for and supplied for use on your trailers.