Heavy Vehicle Import, Compliance & Certification

Whether you are looking to import a heavy vehicle from overseas or you are building a heavy vehicle for use on the road in Australia, Truck Engineering Australia can assist you in understanding and collating the required applications towards the approvals that you will require.

Engaging TEA early on in process can help mitigate unnecessary expenses and delays.

Vehicle Imports

If you are importing a vehicle into Australia from overseas, it is crucial to understand the circumstances under which vehicles are eligible to be imported. There are also a number of other things to consider before importing a vehicle such as, the intended use, the compliance with Australian Design Rules and general road access conditions etc.

The vehicle import approval that is required through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Planning is not the approval managed by you shipping broker. This application relates specifically to your vehicles acceptability for use on the road from a state and federal level.

As your agents, TEA can manage your Vehicle Import Application and complete this task for you from start to finish, this may include:

  • Validation of compliance to Australian Standards
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Over dimension (OD) and Over mass (OM) Vehicles
  • In Principle Support Applications
  • Vehicle Import Applications make a note to inform that we are not customs brokers.

Heavy Vehicle Compliance

Any vehicle which is to be used on Australia’s road network requires some form of compliance approval through the Australian Government (RVCS). This is commonly in the form of an Identification Plate Approval (IPA) where your vehicle is assessed for compliance against the relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) for a particular vehicle category.

This can be a technical and time consuming process. TEA has extensive experience in both High and Low Volume Heavy Vehicle Compliance and has formed positive relationships with the various involved government and regulatory bodies. This allows TEA to advise of the specific information required for the successful completion of these applications. TEA can act as your agent and compile the evidence and IPA application for your vehicle, and submit this on your behalf.

Whether your vehicle is produced as a one off, in low volume or full volume, TEA can also provide ongoing support management in the form of variant submissions, updates and notification of changes to the requirements.