High Speed Photography

To compliment our design, compliance and testing capabilities, Truck Engineering Australia owns a selection of High Speed Cameras fit for various purposes.

These cameras operate at extremely high frame rates (up to 3600 fps) and can record the testing to better understand the details of how and why the results are achieved.

A good example of this is for testing a roll-over of an omnibus in accordance with ADR59, TEA can utilise a high g-force camera mounted inside the bus as well as 2 higher resolution, high speed cameras mounted externally. As the impact occurs extremely quickly, the test can be assessed frame by frame to validate the results and compare these to other test data which is collected.

This equipment can be used for an array of other testing or investigation to assist with fault detection, improve design or simply observe. Our equipment can be dry hired, or TEA can complete the setup, capturing and video supply all for you.