Performance Based Standards

The Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme has become an increasingly popular avenue for the Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry due to the potential for higher productivity and safety benefits through innovative and optimised vehicle design.

“Matching the right Vehicles to the right Tasks” NHVR


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is the controlling body within Australia for PBS, acting on their behalf are Approved PBS Assessors and PBS Certifiers.

Under the PBS Scheme, TEA have been Approved by the NHVR for the roles of:

  • PBS Certifier
  • PBS Assessor (for codes):
    • C1 – Startability
    • C2 – Gradeability
    • C3 – Acceleration Capability
    • C7 – Low Speed Swept Path
    • C8 – Frontal Swing
    • C9 – Tail Swing

Based in Brisbane, Truck Engineering can offer PBS services both locally and throughout Australia.


Can PBS Benefit my Business? It is important to ensure PBS is the right choice and to consider if the vehicle could alternatively operate under an existing Notice.

Truck or Trailer Manufacturers of your vehicle combination often have some Common PBS Approvals which can be accessed and updated to save time and money. This is often a good place to start. The NHVR also have limited generic PBS Blueprints available.


PBS Assessors will work with you to assess your desired routes for level of access, considering factors such as bridge and pavement loading.

PBS Assessors also complete a Vehicle Assessment, if you have an existing vehicle or are you buying new, it is important to ensure your vehicle will perform within the PBS criteria for your intended application.


Once a full Assessment has been conducted, the PBS Assessor submits a Design Approval Application. The NHVR will review the submitted Application in accordance with its guidelines.

If Approved, the NHVR issues a formal Design Approval.


Depending on the level of access required and the design of vehicle proposed, additional Access Approvals might be required to ensure that when the vehicle is built, that the road managers (State and/or Local Governments) will allow it to operate on their networks.


Once the vehicles are completed and ready to be put into service, A PBS Certifier such as TEA must inspect the vehicle combination to validate it is built as per the Design Approval.

The PBS Certifier will submit their inspection report to the NHVR.


The NHVR reviews the Inspection report, and provided the vehicle complies with the Design Approval, will be issues a Vehicle Approval and documentation issued to vehicle operator / owner.


Once the PBS Vehicle Combination has a Vehicle Approval, an Access Permit is required for operation. TEA can assist with applying on your behalf.

The NHVR Website is a great resource for more information on all facets of the Performance Based Standards Scheme.

More information on PBS from NHVR

We are here to assist with your PBS requirements. Contact Us as our team will be happy to discuss your options further.